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Our Patients Are Our Family. Hear What They Have To Say:

"You all have really out done yourself. Big thanks for all your help in making my mouth look and feel good!"

Kate & Javier Culzoni

“Dr. Resnansky, Thank you for the many hours of work you have put into improving my smile. You and your staff have made visiting the dentist a surprisingly pleasant experience. I look forward to seeing you in a few months.” 

Kelley Collins

“The folks are so friendly, it’s like visiting old friends. Dr. Resnansky has new technology which makes visits easier each time. I love the vibrating chair! Before anything is done, they explain it in detail.”

Diane O. – Oxford, NC 

"Very experienced doctor and great service"

Irina P. -Raleigh, NC 6/10/2010 (Demandforce verified)

“Dr. Resnansky and team d id a great job. This is the most thorough service I have ever had.” 

Tom S. Raleigh, NC 6/1/2010 (Demandforce verified)

“Everyone was very friendly. I was comfortable and happy with the experience. Everything was explained to me to help ease my anxiety with the procedures. Thanks.” 

Anonymous 6/3/2010 (Demandforce verified)

"Takes interest in all dental needs. No referrals"

David N. -Raleigh, NC 5/12/2010 (Demandforce verified)

“I felt comfortable from start to finish. I was also a lot more informed about my problems. Oh yeah, the massage chair was a great surprise as well.” 

Aaron B. Raleigh, NC 5/9/2010 (Demandforce verified)

“Dr. Resnansky, Renee, Rebecca & Brandy are an outstanding team. I am confident that I am receiving the highest standard in dental care and it is delivered with superb customer service. I would highly recommend this practice."

Juan B. Raleigh, NC 4/29/2010 (Demandforce verified)

“I’ve been going to Dr. Resnansky since 2000 and have had excellent care. The service is very personalized –at every visit, even routine cleanings, you will have a thorough consult with Dr. Resnansky. He never rushes through a procedure and instead makes sure everything is done to perfection, which I really appreciate. I also tend to ask a lot of questions and want to see what’s going on and he is always willing to oblige me. Dr. Resnansky is an interesting (and smart) guy with lots to talk about during your very thorough visits, so you probably won’t get bored either… He also continues to implement new technology (electronic x-rays, tiny tooth cameras, heat/massage chairs, etc..) into his practice. I feel so comfortable with Dr. Resnansky as my dentist that I continue to go him even though I live in Chatham County and work at Duke so it is highly inconvenient for me to come into Raleigh for appointments. But I feel so strongly about the care I receive that I am not willing to risk going anywhere else” 

Andrea M. Pittsboro, NC 4/14/2010 (Demandforce verified)

“OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE & EXPERIENCE…That is the least I can say about the NC Center for Restorative Dentistry –Dr. Alex Resnansky & his staff. Let me begin by saying I am not a big fan of the dentists to begin with. I recently moved to the Raleigh NC area and did not have a dentist. I was having problems w/ a root canal that was done last year (2009) by a specialist in the Raleigh area. I was referred to Alex Resnansky, DDS by a coworker because I was having problems with the tooth the root canal was done on. My coworker highly recommended Dr. Resnansky. I had a horrible experience with the dentist who performed my root canal; therefore was dreading to visit “another dentist.” I called and spoke w/ Renee and she told me to come in that very same day. I was seen immediately that day and a diagnoses was given (I needed a crown). I was clearly distraught and the staff did everything they could to make me feel at ease. I scheduled an appt to have the crown done. After my procedure I received a phone call that night approx. 8:00pm from Renee. She was calling to check how I was feeling. I then received another phone call the following day from Brandy to check how I was feeling. Dr. Resnansky & his staff are by far the best dentist I have seen. He was extremely thorough and explained everything in great detail before performing any procedure. I never felt rushed and the procedure was painless. He always sure I was comfortable. I plan on making him my permanent dentist as a result of the great work he has done on my tooth. Special thanks to the staff that were always pleasant and helpful! I would highly recommend Dr. Resnansky to anyone who is terrified of the dentist. Under the circumstances I have never walked out of a dentist office so happy. 

Christina Blanco, Raleigh, NC 4/6/2010

“I am very happy with the results of my Invisalign trays, in a little under a year I have the smile I’ve always wanted. The trays were comfortable and convenient because I could take them out when I ate or brushed/flossed my teeth. Most people didn’t even know I was wearing them, but now I get a lot of comments on my smile.” 

Kerrie Harper, Raleigh, NC

“Dr. Resnansky is the best dentist in the world. He is always available when we need him. He also has the most amazing office staff. They are so caring and attentive. We really appreciated all of your help. Thank you a million times.” 

The Sambou Family, Raleigh, NC

“I was a little nervous going into the exam room for my root canal and to repair my tooth. It’s really painless and easy process. I’m so thankful that Dr. Resnansky was about to save my tooth. Now I can eat without biting into my gums. I feel like a new man. Thank you Dr. Resnansky.” 

Ebrima Sambou Raleigh, NC

“My teeth were pretty stained before I started whitening. After two weeks of Dr. Resnansky’s special whitening gel, my teeth look great and I am very pleased with the results!” 

Justin Belsly Raleigh, NC 7/22/2010

“I’ve never written a letter to my dentist before, but I felt compelled to do so following my recent appointment to have my cavity filled using your new gadget, the laser. As I’m sure, most people respond in terror and with unrelentless anxiety when you say there is a cavity in their mouth. I’m no different. So there I was, held captive in your dental chair, anticipating that horrible sound of the dreaded dental drill. To my surprise, there was no high pitched “wheeeeeeeee” sound drilling into my bad tooth. Instead, I heard a “schwoosh” then another “schwoosh”. And shortly thereafter, you said the drilling was done and started filling my tooth. What an absolutely fantastic surprise! No “wheeeeeeeee” sound etching into my nerve. No “wheeeeeeeee” sound forcing my face to make unnatural formations. No “wheeeeeeeeee” sound to tense my entire body into a board. All I heard were a few calming “schwooshes”. I am overjoyed because of your switch to this new technology – God Bless the Laser! So the next time you give me the new of having a cavity, you’ll see a small smile come over my face in anticipation of the “schwoosh” Your happy patient for over 13 years.” 

Dee O’Brien –Oxford, NC  12/28/08

 “My name is Arthur Boatwright, I am retired, approaching 74 years of age. I have been a patient of Dr. Alex Resnansky for over 10 years. When I first came to Dr. Resnansky in early 1999, I was having serious dental problems with my teeth and gums! Xrays were taken of the teeth and gums, which revealed a total breakdown of my bottom front teeth and gum. There was almost total bone loss and the teeth were very shaky! Dr. Resnansky told me that all of the front bottom teeth would have to be extracted and the gum damage was too advanced! In a word my mouth was a disaster! Dr. Resnansky stated that there was a small chance he could save my teeth and gums, with a procedure called the “flap”. I told the doctor “let’s do it”! What did I have to lose at this point my teeth were going to be pulled out anyway! Dr. Resnansky proceeded in performing the “flap” procedure, which was successful! Several months after the procedure was performed to Dr. Resnansky’s amazement a surprising amount of bone had re-grown, the gums had rejuvenated themselves and were healthy again! My teeth were sturdy also! A pure miracle had been created by Dr. Resnansky’s work! Since 1999 the doctor has kept me on a three month preventative maintenance program and it has worked out 100 percent without any recurring problems with my gums or teeth! He calls me his miracle patient.”

“Dr. Resnansky, Renee & Nora, I just wanted to thank you all for taking good care of me (and my teeth) over the last few years. I have dealt with a lot of dentists (7 to be exact) and you all are the best. Not only do you produce excellent work, but you are also such nice people. Thank you again & best wishes for the future” 

Ryan Guptill 10/27/05